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TR - A Cowboy's Ride
to the Whites House

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"TR - A Cowboy's Ride
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"TR - A Cowboy's Ride to the White House"

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A new, critically acclaimed documentary by Emmy-nominated Producer/Writer Darrell Dorgan.

Featuring newly discovered photos taken by Theodore Roosevelt on his Badlands ranch..

This is the exciting story of a physically challenged young man from Harvard who came to the western frontier in 1883. Theodore Roosevelt bought a ranch, learned how to ride, shoot, hunt and acquired the skills that would make him a war hero and American President. It was in the Badlands of Dakota where young Roosevelt became a cowboy and learned about democracy and the American West.

Filmed on location at the Roosevelt ranches in the heart of the beautiful and wild Badlands of North Dakota, the growing of age life experiences of the nation's 26th President, brought to life by nationally acclaimed historians H.W. Brands, Douglas Brinkley, Clay Jenkinson, and great-grandson Tweed Roosevelt.

Henry William Brands is the author of 22 books and a professor at the University of Texas in Austin. Among is work: TR: The Last Romantic.

Douglas Brinkley is an award-winning author and a professor of history at Tulane University. He has also served as a director of the Theodore Roosevelt Center for American Civilization and is a commentator for CBS News.

Clay S. Jenkinson is an American Humanities and Rhodes Scholar and noted author. A Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt scholar, Jenkinson often does re-enactments of both. He is also the Chief Consultant to The Theodore Roosevelt Center at Dickinson State University.

Tweed Roosevelt is the great-grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt. He is the Chairman of Roosevelt China Investments of Boston. Roosevelt, like his great-grandfather a Harvard graduate, is a frequent contributor to books, seminars and other historical projects about President Theodore Roosevelt.

Videograhphy and Editing by David Geck, Digit Productions, Glen Ullin, ND

Sound Design and Music by Grammy nominated producer David Swenson, Makoche' Studios, Bismarck, ND

Narration, Script and Production by Darrell Dorgan, Dakom Communications, Bismarck,ND

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